Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Packaging

I have been concerned about our store’s branding. We are pretty married to our pink and tan tartan, because it fittingly represents our family atmosphere and isn’t too type-specific which allows us to offer a wide variety of products. I like the Harrington font, but it isn’t available on a lot of applications, such as I want it to have a country charm, but a sophisticated edge. That is a fine line to walk.
Last week, my sister Holly wanted to "borrow" some of our inventory to host a private show for the ladies in her office. I put several items into a ziplock sandwich bag and realized how ghetto it seemed to send them to market in that manner! I ran to the computer and quickly designed a simple decorative box with our store name and web address. I printed them on some cloudy cardstock, punched a few holes, added jewelry, dropped it into a zip top baggie, and voila! Our new packaging was born! I still need to decide on a particular shade of cardstock, and the brooch tags are not going to fit into a baggie, but I think this presentation will be very appealing. And the investment was next to nothing for this big improvement!

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