Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Earring Design for Multiple Piercings

After daring each other for years, Mom (Ginger) and I finally convinced ourselves to get second ear piercings. We each used different natural methods to clean the piercings, she using strong saltwater, and me using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Both healed nicely.

Then the fun began. Being jewelry hounds, we set off buying up every style, color, and finish of small stud earrings that we could find, collecting 2mm pearls, various rhinestones, etc. to have a matching "dot" to wear in the second hole.

But in the back of my mind, I had been brainstorming about a customized single earring for two holes. But in making jewelry, I had only used french hook style earwires, and I knew that having a stud would be essential to the design. Finally, at long last, I found the perfect post (stud) finding upon which I could build my masterpiece! Here is the finished product:
Earrings for Multiple Piercings

The prototype is mine to keep, but I made a second pair that I'll be listing for sale later this afternoon!  You can watch for it HERE.

Update 5:43pm -- this item got 45 views in the first hour it was listed!  Maybe I need to develop a whole line of similar items!

Update 6:30pm -- 85 views in two hours!

Update 7:20pm -- 131 views in three hours!

Update 8:27pm -- 152 views in 4 hours!

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bencandance said...

These earrings are wonderful! I've never seen anything like them. Wow.