Monday, October 18, 2010

Thoughts Regarding Custom Orders

Grandma used to make custom western shirts back in the day.  Mom and I both worked at a leather repair shop where we made lots of custom chaps, and other leather goods.  Mom has even created 3 custom wedding gowns.  But when I opened a shop on I wanted to avoid custom projects.  They can be complicated, time consuming, and risky.  What if the buyer backs out of the sale?  On Etsy, chances are, you don't know your buyer.  The buyer can't hear, smell, taste, or feel the item.  You can't sense how difficult to please they may be.  So I decided that it was just better to avoid custom work altogether.

But recently I was approached via convo to create a ring similar to one I had already listed, only with a few differences.  The buyer's appeal was so gracious and sincere, that I decided to allow a custom order this one time.  You see, the buyer's aunt had owned a ring similar to one that I had listed for sale, but the beloved ring had been lost.  The buyer was seeking to replace the ring as a gift.  I proceeded with caution, asked a few questions about color preference, emailed her a link to a photo of some mock-ups, obtained her approval for constructing the piece, and agreed on a price.   The woman was very responsive, had a general recollection of the lost ring, and offered to pay for the piece upfront.  Her request was basically:  green band, red blossom, yellow center, for petite fingers.  I was at ease.  Well, the transaction is done and both parties are very happy.  Soon, the aunt will be too!

My brother and his wife are getting a graphics business off the ground, and they had a booth at the Colorado State Fair this year.  My sister-in-law made a remark that has been in the back of my mind regarding how excited people are to see their idea blossom into a real, tangible thing.  And while I often fear that someone's concept will be so precise that my own version will fall short, in most cases, the finished product actually surpasses the client's expectations!  So, count the cost, but don't avoid every custom request catagorically.  Custom orders are a great way to make loyal customers for life!

Oh, here's the finished custom sequined ring

And here's the one that prompted her custom request:

Lot's more colors of these sequined cocktail rings are found HERE.  Only $10.00 each.  The beaded band is woven on elastic thread so that one size fits all.


KrissysWonders said...

Beautiful ring! Very well done!

Thank you for including my hat in your etsy looks great!


PatsyOx said...

I understand about commission work. Both rings are really cute!