Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Handmade Peacock Crinkle Toy

I was given some fabric scraps from my fellow Etsian Caroline at CCADesigns and I've finally put them to good use by creating this OOAK peacock crinkle toy for my niece that will be born within the next two weeks!

I used a clear floral sleeve (recycled from a bouquet of flowers) as the foundation on which to sew the scraps of fabric.  I used a broad grosgrain ribbon for the ruffle and crown.  I inserted little bits of small sheer and metallic ribbons in the tail feather portion as well.  The beak is a dab of orange satin ribbon.  I liberated a little rattle from a silly pair of slippers that had become stained and added it to the peacock breast.  I had a little dotted flannel that I put in for added texture.  I marked the clear floral sleeve with the overall design.  Then I started with the chevron fabric in the center and started adding on tail feathers until all the clear plastic was covered.  Then I added on the ruffled grosgrain ribbon, and put on the aqua flannel fabric by top-stitching over the ruffled ribbon.  The breast head and neck were appliqued on (carefully inserting the satin beak), followed by the ribbon crown and eye.  I trimmed away all the scraps that were overhanging using my clear floral sleeve as the cutting line.  I cut an identical shape from some darker teal fabric and with right sides together I sewed the perimeter leaving a 4" gap on one side.  I turned it all wrong-side out and top-stitched the entire perimeter to finish it.  You can see that I was not very particular with my stitching and fabric position, but I think it works for this primitive design.  I was careful to fray check all of the ribbons and secure everything very well, since you don't want a child's toy to have removable bite-sized pieces!

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