Monday, January 25, 2016

New Artist: Tiffany

I want to introduce you all to my sister-in-law and bosom buddy:  Tiffany.

She is a talent!  She and I have crafted together on multiple occasions in multiple mediums.  Most recently, since the birth of her 9 month old daughter, she has been crocheting up a storm!  She hosts scrapbooking retreats for the family and creates amazing greeting cards.  She is an avid recycler, and often finds amazing ways to re-purpose and upcycle.  She loves hosting parties featuring adorable center pieces, decorations, delicious food--not to mention lovely invitations.  We hope to see more of her innovative paper crafts, sugar scrubs, and canned goods actually make it into our storefront in the next few months.

I wish I had better photos of her handi-work, but here's just a small sample:

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