Sunday, March 10, 2019

Review: "Latte" Brown Nail Polish by Soothing Soul Nail Lacquer

"Latte" is a beautiful hazelnut reddish-brown creme finish nail polish by Soothing Soul Nail Lacquer.  It has a very luxurious consistency and a solid coverage suitable for nail art stamping as well.  Available at in 7.5ml or 15ml bottles--both with premium brushes!    Easily opaque in 2 coats, but I apply coats with a heavy hand so it is a one-coater for me.  Heavily pigmented, high-gloss, durable, no staining 7-free formula!

Pairs Beautifully with "Pine Cone" from the same indie nail polish maker.

Full disclosure of my entire experience:
"Latte" was delivered to me in bitterly cold temperatures.  I waited until morning to open the package.  I noticed that the pigment seemed mottled through the glass bottle.  The color was a stunning latte brown creme that I was eager to have in my collection.  I shook it vigorously and swatched it.  It seemed to go on smoothly with full, even coverage and even coloration--despite the appearance in bottle being not much improved by shaking.  But as the nail polish dried, a distinctly gritty appearance emerged.  I contacted the maker, Helene Tapp of Soothing Soul Nail Lacquer.  She examined her swatch from the exact same bottle she had sent me in the mail.  Since her swatch sample was perfectly smooth, she asked me to let the product rest for a few days and gently roll it to mix instead of shaking.  That did the trick!  We concluded that the extremely cold temperatures caused some of the pigments to misbehave temporarily.  I haven't had any issues now that I am storing "Latte" at suitable temperatures.

I was very impressed with the maker's diligence in troubleshooting this issue.  Even though she had been diligent with the formula, she held back launching this new shade until it could be researched and a solution found.

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